We create beauty and harmony… in your home and garden

Helping you transform your landscape, backed by superior wisdom and insight, gained through nearly three decades of experience.

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What we do

We create Beauty and Harmony. Harmonious blending of your house and the garden is the secret of a beautiful home, your home. A tranquil space as a peaceful sanctuary, a cosy place to enjoy with the family, or a lively entertainment area: your choice, done well, allows you to take pride in calling it your home.

That is when you call on experience, award winning experience in fact. With 28years in the business of delivering top end, high quality landscapes and lawns, we are fully geared and keen to provide a service to meet and exceed your expectations.

Our resources

Our core business is landscape construction. Once the conceptual designs are complete, we undertake the full gamut of activities including procurement of materials, plants, and ensure that a completed landscape is delivered as promised in time to fully meet the design criteria. In other words, execute your design to perfection with precision and quality.

We work alongside Sydney’s top designers and architects, who will get your imagination on paper, we then take over and get it on the ground.

And Restoration and Maintenance of your lawn is also part of our portfolio.

We don’t stop there. We are geared to provide you services in a range of activities, in fact almost all of the services falling within the banner of ‘Landscaping’:

  • Patios / Paving
  • Decking / Pergolas
  • Drives / Paths & Concreting
  • Tree Work / Plants & Turfing
  • Gates / Fencing / Boundary Walls
  • Ponds / water features
  • Irrigation
  • Lighting


We work in collaboration with Sydney’s top designers and architects. If you are very clear in your mind as to what you need - fine; otherwise we can point you to work jointly with the designers to get the concept dead right.


Our team of craftsman are experts in their own field, well accomplished yet work with close supervision. We are small enough to give that personal attention, by all of us, the gardener to the MD. We work closely and interactively with our client as the work progresses.


That is our job, we have experts in guiding you and procuring the very best of plants to suit the design. Clearly our experience counts a lot here.


We are self-sufficient in most of the equipment required. We do not have to keep on coordinating with equipment hirers which can affect the quality and delivery times.

Working with you to craft your space - your sanctuary, family fun corner, or lively entertainment area


Some sample projects given in the gallery below, covering both residential and commercial applications. These are typical of our executions of harmonious living environments.

A spectrum of options

Our scope of experience is wide. We are able to undertake a range of constructions.

Types of Gardens

We can offer consultation on the type of garden you could work on. A modern design or a contemporary one. An English garden or a tropical one. Or why not Japanese for that matter. The choice is complex, but we can make it simple for you.

Lighting makes all the difference

Artful design and placement of lighting is a primary enhancer of your landscape, particularly important for those winter eves, or balmy nights. There is a myriad of choices of what you can do. Are you going for, up-lighting, moon lighting, shadow lighting or Silhouetting? Or spot lighting, path lighting or cross lighting? The lingo is confusing, but we can help.


This is another complex area, but not too difficult with the support of our experienced expert team. The plants needs to be carefully chosen depending on the type of garden. Some are hardy plants, while some need regular maintenance. Will the use of hardy native plants fit the bill? We will need to pick the best option keeping in mind, the costs, the fit, the beauty, and maintenance needs.

Julian Foxton Guarantee

Originally hailing from the heavenly vistas of Canada, I started working in the landscaping industry from just 18 years old. I believe my commitment, passion and the entrepreneurial aptitude along with a certain creative approach has enabled me to set myself apart from the competition. Now with more than two decades of experience under my belt, and with a team of accomplished craftsmen, I guarantee that all my work will be delivered to perfection, and will exceed client expectations in all respects, on a consistent basis.